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A Message from Joe:

Hello Youth Academy participants and Youth Academy Teachers in Training!

These are the links to the two large group tunes/ songs that the Youth Academy will be performing. Please study these videos and lyric sheets before the Youth Academy begins. Please aim to have these two songs close to memorized for our performance!

D'Addario Wintergrass Youth Academy

For students in 4th – 8th grade
(Exceptions made with permission of the director, Beth Fortune)
8:30am registration on Thursday
Class starts at 9am and ends at 4pm on both days
Culminating performance at 5pm on Friday on the Evergreen stage

Cost: $115 (includes full weekend pass to Wintergrass)

The Wintergrass Youth Academy has long been the lynchpin in the Acoustic Sound youth education program. Beth Fortune and the irrepressible Joe Craven lead a stellar team of both adult and junior teachers who work to instill the seeds of a lifetime love affair with music in their young charges. Even if your child doesn’t yet play an instrument, the Youth Academy is a fantastically fun, affirming entry point into a musical life.

Joe Craven, Beth Fortune and other faculty guide Youth Academy students in preparation and production of a orchestrated set of music. The will result in a culminating performance taking place at 5pm on Friday, February 28th on the Evergreen stage.

Performers will learn about and practice:
  • Fine-tuning one’s stage presence
  • Reading the audience
  • Ensemble skills
  • Playing music with others
  • Building an interesting performance
  • Integrating the new skills acquired during the Kids Academy
  • “And everything else (except the kitchen sink)”
Small group and Individual attention!

All Youth Academy students participate in small group instruction on their own bluegrass instruments. (If you child needs an instrument, let us know!) Students also get a chance to try out other instruments and receive basic instruction on either guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, dobro, bass, or voice. Thanks to our friends at Ted Brown Music and Nechville Banjos for loaning literally a truckload of instruments to the Youth Academy!

Come with an open mind, prepared to have a ton of fun. Joe Craven has an awful lot of tricks up his sleeve and likes to play – everything. You will, too! Got a trashcan? Then you can make music!

To register, fill out the Youth Academy Registration Form and mail it in to:

POB 2024
Milton, WA 98354

Wintergrass Youth Orchestra

For middle and high school aged students

Cost: $100

Designed to bridge the gap between classical and the oral tradition, The Youth Orchestra provides an opportunity for middle and high school students to learn improvisation, ear training, and the study of traditional songs and styles; it offers exposure to both classical and traditional bluegrass instruments and the transfer of skills from the classical orchestra to folk ensembles, and vice versa.

Perhaps the most important discovery for these students is the difference between a fiddle and a violin, which, of course, is... attitude. The Wintergrass Youth Orchestra does not compete with traditional symphony training – rather it seeks to validate multiple approaches to string music. Something magical happens during these sessions and is reflected in the culminating performance, when all 200 students share the Grand Ballroom Stage with Wintergrass headliner bands on Sunday morning.

In 2014 Washington Middle School, Kenmore Junior High and Maywood Middle School orchestras will comprise the bulk of the orchestra. If your student is not in one of these orchestras, but wishes to participate, please fill out and return the Wintergrass Youth Orchestra registration form. Upon receipt, you will be emailed both printed music and mp3 of the tunes to be learned.

In addition to orchestra only pieces, the 2014 WGYO will perform with Väsen, The Kruger Brothers and Rushad Eggleston.

Prior to the festival weekend, the orchestra will gather to rehearse at EMP in Seattle. Dates and details for these rehearsals will be provided to participating students. The orchestra will gather again at the festival at the Hyatt Regency Evergreen Ballroom on Saturday, March 1 to rehearse with each other and the bands under the direction of Bob Phillips. The culminating performance will occur on Sunday morning, March 2nd on the Grand Ballroom stage.

If your student is in one of the participating orchestras, registration fees are paid by the orchestra. If your student is NOT in one of the participating orchestras the cost is $100 and includes a Saturday/Sunday ticket to the festival.

325 5th Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98109

To register, fill out the Youth Orchestra Registration Form and mail it in to:

POB 2024
Milton, WA 98354

Wintergrass Youth Academy Teacher Training (YATT)

For students ages 14 to 21

Cost: $100

Youth Academy Teacher Training is designed for young skilled musicians ages 14 to 21 to encourage growth in the areas of showmanship and band ensemble and prepare students for teaching possibilities.

Youth Academy Teacher Training begins Wednesday evening at 7:00 with orientation, a teacher training session, and the organization of Youth Academy Teacher Trainee bands, and runs through Friday evening. YATT participants will both work with Youth Academy students and receive specialized attention and training on Thursday and Friday. Students will receive a teaching certificate, community volunteer credit, hospitality privileges and a Wintergrass weekend pass.

To register, fill out the Youth Academy Teacher Training Registration Form and mail it in to:

POB 2024
Milton, WA 98354

Wintergrass Pintgrass

For young students ages 4-6

Cost: $50

PintGrass is for our youngest musicians. Music is a wonderful thing and even the smallest ones can participate! If you have a 4-6 year old who would love to learn easy tunes, begin developing a sense of rhythm, and have the opportunity to learn more Bluegrass and folk music in an encouraging environment, this program is for him/her.

PintGrass is a half-day program. Registration begins 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning. Classes run from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Thursday and Friday. All PintGrass students and parents are encouraged to come and watch the Wintergrass Academy’s final performance Friday evening at 5:00 p.m.

All that is required is that students have an instrument (voice counts!) and a desire to learn and have fun! Be warned though: we expect this to be unbearably cute. Get those cameras charged up!

To register, fill out the Pintgrass Registration Form and mail it in to:

POB 2024
Milton, WA 98354