Wintergrass Raffle 2014

Every year someone walks away from Wintergrass on Sunday afternoon carrying an instrument they didn’t own when they arrived at the festival. And it’s not because they bought them either. Each year a few of our musical instrument making pals donate something special to the Wintergrass raffle. Funds from the raffle of course keep the festival running and go a long way towards support all of our education programs. We’re deeply grateful for the generosity of these fine builders.

Take a look at what our friends are cooking up for you right now.

From Collings Guitar and Mandolins, a beautiful D2H series guitar. The square-shouldered 14-fret dreadnought is the most popular steel-string acoustic guitar body shape in the world. While Collings is certainly not the only company to build them, they bring a new tonal clarity to the depth and warmth usually associated with such a large, deep-bodied guitar. Although its bass response makes the dreadnought ideal for vocal accompaniment, the Collings D2H has the power to cut through the mix. Because of this, it is often employed by bluegrass flatpickers who must compete with inherently louder instruments such as banjos and fiddles

From Rayco Resophonics one of their fine resonator guitars. We’re keeping all the details a secret now, but rest assured the result will be stunning. For the moment, we’re just going to show you the instrument in progress. You can see photos of the progress on our Facebook page.

From Deering Banjo, the professional grade resonator 5-string Eagle II banjo is a whole new breed of banjo. It features the ground breaking, patent pending Twenty-Ten Tone Ring, which is a completely original Deering design that is unlike any other traditional tone ring. It produces a high quality sound that is versatile for many styles of playing. While the sound is uniquely Eagle, it represents a refinement in the quality of banjo tone, something that allows the player to soar to new heights. It is perfect for the player who wants a professional quality banjo that he can use for playing many styles of music.

Finally, Forssell Technologies Inc. has been designing and building high-end audio equipment for over 35 years, including microphone preamplifiers, equalizers, compressor/limiters, analog to digital (ADC) and digital to analog converters (DAC), monitor level controllers and switchers, and mixing consoles. Forssell products have gained worldwide recognition in ensuring that the reproduction signal path connects the listener to the music, and not to the equipment.

The Forssell SMP2 pre-amp is a hot item for anyone who has a studio. The SMP-2 will bring your recordings to a new sound quality level. Its ability to capture all the intimate details, depth, clarity and realism of the recorded source, makes it an ideal choice for any type of professional studio or location recording. The SMP-2 circuitry features a Class A discrete JFET design. The drawing for this particular item will happen post-festival.